As professional videographers who specialize in weddings, we get asked similar questions by brides all the time. After filming close to 150 weddings, we feel like we can expertly answer those questions! Here are a few that come up time and again.
We're not sure we need a wedding video. Can you convince me that it's something we can't live without?
This is the main question that pops up. Traditionally when you get engaged it's a simple checklist of venue, dress, photos, cake etc. A wedding video is often way down the list or perceived as an extra if you have money left over. As a father of three daughters, trust me I'm already concerned about how fast a wedding budget can add up. What's amazing to me is how often many brides simply overlook the power of a great wedding video after they've put so much work into planning the perfect day. In my opinion, a great wedding video should be near the top of the list! After all, when it's all said and done and the food's been eaten and the guests go home what do you have to show for all that effort? Hopefully some great photographs and a great video that allows you relive every moment of your BIG DAY in crystal clear HD for the rest of your life!

Trust me when I say that 99% of brides feel that their wedding day ends up being a big blur and the next thing you know you've got a ring on your finger and you're on a plane to Jamaica with this guy sitting next to you! Let's face it, you are the center of attention on your day and everyone wants a piece of you! There will be so much happening that you might not see above and beyond the traditional reception moments like the cake cutting, bouquet tosses and toasts. Foreverlasting Productions specializes in capturing those once-in-a-lifetime candid moments that you'll want to relive and that can't always be fully realized in a single photograph. I have had many brides ask the question and I've even had to convince quite a few dads who were tired of writing checks! But without a doubt, I get a text or email back later telling me their Foreverlasting custom wedding DVD was one of the best things they did!

Aren't all wedding videos kind of cheesy or boring?
Let's be honest, wedding videography wasn't always the greatest thing on Earth. Goodness knows my own wedding video, shot by "Butch from Melba" back in 1994, is AWFUL!!! But things have changed. When I started this company in 2006 I leaned on my years of working with young people in video production and took a different approach. I wanted to be able to provide a complete service that at the end of the day handed a bride a tight, crisp package that encompassed the emotion of the day as well as capturing that couples' personality. Foreverlasting's mantra is that you will never fast forward. The biggest compliment we get is when a bride texts and tells us that they AND their friends have already watched the video 5 times. If you can get your friends to watch a wedding video more than once, we must be doing something right!

I'll probably just have my friend shoot a video for me, he's got a camera and he does video stuff.
Ok that's not a question, it's a statement. And one I hear a lot. That's like finding out you need surgery and saying your nephew has a scalpel in his science kit. Do you really want to trust the biggest day of your life to someone who's probably got his mind on the open bar? You also wouldn't ask your niece to design your dress because she's interested in fashion or to bake your cake in her EasyBake Oven. Like anything else, if it's something important, only trust a skilled professional! And trust me when I say not all videographers are created equal. Foreverlasting's experience and reputation is unparalleled. You deserve the very best!

Ok, so do I really need a photographer too?
Yes. Simply put, I firmly believe great wedding photos are just as important. And it's wise to hire a good, professional photographer as well. With the downturn in the economy and the influx of digital cameras we've seen a lot of brides go cheap here and they almost all call me disappointed in their photographer. Not to mention how difficult it is to work with someone who isn't aware of wedding etiquette and isn't able to get candid shots without setting them up and having you pose for everything. Nothing is cheesier to me than a couple standing over their wedding cake with a raised knife and a forced smile. When looking for a good photographer make sure you see their photos hanging on a wall in person. Things can look good online (sometimes the pics you see aren't even their work) but a great wedding photo should jump off the wall at you, just like a good DVD should never be boring, long and tedious. Also make sure they are open to working with a videographer. Unfortunately there are a few photogs out there that are lazy and don't want to be hassled with sharing working space. If they are hesitant to work with a videographer then they probably aren't the progressive, up to date photographer that you want to hire.

I want to see absolutely everything... is that possible?
We've developed our packages to try and meet the needs of every bride's wants, desires and budgets. We have packages big and small and never compromise on quality. I have had a few mothers who couldn't get over the fact that our videos average about 38 minutes in length (depending on the length of your ceremony obviously) and that their other daughter's video was two hours long. Length does not equal quality. Like I've mentioned before we would much rather show you three or four poignant moments from your first dance set to music than show you going in circles for five minutes straight. We shoot receptions with the intent to edit. We always have way more footage than we use and we do offer the ability to purchase the raw footage along with the purchase of one of our packages. Just keep in mind it is raw and uncut. Sometimes I'll be working a shot for three minutes waiting for that great laugh or expression and just as it happens, Uncle Joe walks in front of the camera after hitting the bar for the 12th time.

Is it just you? Or who helps you film?
Foreverlasting Productions is truly a family operation. Luckily for me my wife is also a very talented videographer! My oldest daughter also does a great job of running a third camera. We pride ourselves in being great to work with. It's not uncommon for there to be lots of hugs when we're done filming or to even stay in touch afterwards. Ultimately we want you to feel comfortable and have peace of mind knowing that we've got every angle covered. No matter the size of the custom package you choose, you always get the same star treatment and our best effort!

Ok, ok I get it! We want a video! What do we do now?
Well first and foremost, I'm glad that you have decided to add a video to your wedding checklist! I always tell brides that they won't be disappointed with going this route. Honestly, even if they find a videographer they like better than me, then go for it. In fact, I encourage bride's to do their homework as they should before putting a deposit down on anything wedding related. So.... what we typically do is invite you over to meet my wife and to show you some specific examples. If you're getting married, at say the Linen Building, I like to be able to pull a DVD I've shot there and help you conceptualize the space and how a wedding really looks there in real time. I also like to be able to help answer any questions you might have as you assemble your team of wedding professionals. Let me talk about that for a second. Putting together a great team of people (DJ, photographer, venue etc.) will help your day go smoothly. I encourage brides to prioritize what's most important to them and budget accordingly, but make sure to have the right people in place. A great photographer will actually make the video that much better because they should work harmoniously together to capture your day. A great DJ will keep the party moving and provide a day to remember instead of your reception being a dud (skip the iPods people!).

After we've had a chance to meet and you've decided you are good to go with us, then we ask that you put down a $400 deposit. That will lock in your date exclusively. Then you can go home and talk and figure it all out. When you decide on a package, then shoot me a message and we'll take you through the next steps of what we need to do!

So once you film the wedding, how long does it take to get our DVDs?
Our typical turn around time is 6-8 weeks from when you send us your music choices. In order to edit, we need you to supply us with the songs you want for your music videos (and a couple of other items like credit information if you don't have a program and a few of your photos to customize your DVD cases and discs). Many brides don't want to think about anything wedding-related for awhile afterwards and that is ok. We also have brides that get in their choices before the wedding! Just know that at any given time we typically will have 5-7 videos on the docket and each wedding video takes roughly a week to complete (often a little more depending on size and whether or not my sixth grader forgets her lunch again and I have to take it to her). When you get your music in, then we put you on the "to-do" list. Throughout the year we also shoot a few other events as well. One thing that I can assure is that we never compromise our quality just to knock a video off the list. Sometimes a little bit of patience is required but it is worth it.
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